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Distant Drums RV Park

Camp Verde, AZ

Distant Drums RV Resort is located in the central Verde Valley. All of the 158 RV sites include individual utility hookups and level concrete pads. The development also includes wide paved roads, shared common areas, and amenities. Luke Sefton, PE was the engineer of record, working closely with the developer in creating the site plan and unique development layout.
After concept creation, Sefton developed the Drainage, Grading, and Paving Plan, Utility Plans, and Stormwater Prevention Plan. Mr. Sefton prepared a Development Plan Set that demonstrated the viability of the proposed RV Park for review and permitting.
Mr. Sefton was also responsible for working closely with the Developer in processing the entitlement and permitting requirements. Permitting included assisting in negotiation of impact fees. Mr. Sefton has an established reputation of not creating adversarial relationships with Planning Commissions or local municipality personnel, which was fundamental to the success of this project. Mr. Sefton’s experience as an engineer was evident in the unique understanding and adaptability of a RV facilities needs and construction management is clearly evident in the completed project and the continued success of the RV Resort.