Harmony-Windsong Drainage Project

Sedona, AZ

The Harmony-Windsong area was identified by the City of Sedona Storm Water Master Plan (SWMP) for the current Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that listed drainage improvements to be implemented. Phase II of the improvements was to evaluate, recommend and design a drainage facility that better carries water across SR-89A at the existing Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (RCBC) that crosses SR-89A near the southwest comer of the Giant Convenience Store to the west of Deer Pass Drive.


This project evaluated the proposed improvements across SR-89A and prepared a cost comparison of the 25-Year and 50-Year Events. This project also involved looking at improvements upstream and breakout flows across many streets and lots. Tasks also included coordinating with ADOT and the City of Sedona on the improvements, the Drainage Study and developing a set of Construction Supporting Documents.


Luke Sefton evaluated the Master Drainage Plan for this area, submitted specifications to ADOT and the study was accepted. This project was also on a very tight time frame as the City was evaluating the tum back of the highway and ADOT wanted all improvements to be completed before a scheduled overlay.