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Mariposa Restaurant

Sedona, AZ

The Mariposa Project Site is located on SR-89A within the City of Sedona, across from the Rolling Hills Subdivision. It is surrounded by National Forest Land on three sides and an ADOT Right-of-Way on the south side. The Engineer was initially tasked with designing a right turn lane into the property and extending a gas and sewer sleeve to the site for future use. This design involved utility research, and designing a jack and bore.  Mr. Sefton orignally designed a right turn lane and coordinated the design with ADOT’s pavement overlay program and the National Forest. The right turn lane involved working with APS and ADOT in order to avoid moving a pull box, for a significant savings and avoiding a 12-hour interruption of power to West Sedona.

Discovery of sewer and natural gas to the site opened the possibility of a zone change for Lisa Dahl’s Mariposa Restaurant project.  Mr. Sefton conducted the planning, presentation and public outreach necessary to change zoning from that of office/professional to commercial.  This project is currently under construction