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Mescal Gulch Wash

Clarkdale, AZ

The purpose of this project was to identify the flooding limits of the main watercourse of Mescal Gulch Wash, approximately 8440 LF +/- upstream of “The Crossroads at Mingus” Development, which is approximately 7800 LF from Mescal Gulch to the confluent with the Verde River.


Mr. Sefton was the Engineer of Record for a detailed floodplain­ study of 1.5 miles of Mescal Gulch Wash.  Additional analysis of Mescal Gulch’s three unimproved low water crossings, which appeared to have accessed single family residences and other parcels, was conducted along with the crossings’ effect on Mescal Gulch in a 100-Year Event.  The hydraulic modeling of the wash was completed using the latest version of FL0-20,a two-dimensional hydraulic software. This project met with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and the Federal and Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Requirements for Floodplain Delineations.