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Ringo Rio RV Resort

Camp Verde, AZ

Ringo Rio is a mixed-use development located in Camp Verde. The design for the residential portion of the development includes a large RV resort park with amenities. RV resort design was specifically developed to provide the best experience possible and includes water features, pedestrian trails, and shared community spaces. The residential component also includes small cabins for longer stays. The large commercial component of Ringo Rio includes multiple restaurant and retail with a true mix of target development providing live/shop/stay opportunities. This project was developed with a high level of coordination between the developer and the design team.
Mr. McDonald and Mr. Sefton were the key team members responsible for the direction of the project. Starting with the original concept development and continuing through the design development and permitting, hands-on coordination has been the key to this project’s success and it is a flagship for area. The Engineers have provided the complex drainage, grading, street and paving design plans as well as coordination with the local utilities and other neighboring properties for comprehensive area planning and development. As a part of the engineering design process, Mr. Sefton, with the drainage and modeling expertise of Mr. Huskett, completed a full drainage analysis, including HEC-RAS modeling. The modeling was a crucial component in the drainage report and preliminary sizing of the retention and holding ponds. Mr. Huskett also developed the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and final grading plans.