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Wyndham (Fairfield) Resort Community

Sedona, AZ

Wyndham Resorts is a 20-acre project that includes interval ownership condominiums. This long-term project has required the coordination of multiple disciplines including structural engineers. As the engineer of record for Phase II and the design engineer for Phase I, Mr. Sefton designed the drainage system. Mr. Sefton also worked closely with the structural engineer, William Kantor in the design of the large bridge culvert. Mr. Huskett was closely involved in the drainage development of the project. Mr. Sefton and Mr. Huskett also designed and developed the grading and paving plans for the project. Mr. Sefton sealed the grading and paving for the streets and parking lots.
In order to proceed with the project, the zoning of the property had to be converted from residential to commercial zoning. Mr. Sefton, with the support of Mr. Huskett, provided the needed exhibits for the entitlement processing. One of the requirements for the conversion included an exhibit detailing the parking count totals for the commercial ordinance requirements. The parking requirements for commercial zoning include identifying the elevation and grade for commercial parking stalls and how the access to the existing street basis. Mr. Huskett, Mr. Sefton, and Mr. McDonald worked together to create the final plat for the condominiums. A condominium plat has specific requirements that Mr. McDonald is very familiar with and provided the required documents relating to that plat. Mr. McDonald also provided the on-site surveying including elevations. As a part of the project, off-site improvements and utility coordination including water and sewer system tie-ins were also designed and approved. Due in large part to the high design standards of the project, Wyndham remains a go-to example of excellence in design and construction within the City of Sedona.