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Terra Del Arte

Sedona, AZ

Tierra del Arte is the perfect example of how even development projects change over time due to unforeseen or external forces. The project parcel like most available property in Sedona, has infill components and limitations. In addition to the surrounding area constraints, the original design goal for accessible school use. Due to financial and political issues the project was revised to a small residential subdivision development. Mr. Sefton was a crucial member of a team that not only provided the design development for the final residential development, he was also instrumental in the coordination and plan modification from the original design concept.
Like any residential development in Arizona, full drainage, grading, and utility plans were completed. In addition to the plans, Mr. Sefton was fully involved in coordination with the surrounding neighborhood and permitting with the City. Mr. Huskett’s expertise in the most cutting edge drainage models was crucial in the development of the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. The drainage issues in this project were incredibly complex. Mr. Sefton and Mr. Huskett coordinated directly with the City of Sedona in addressing a long standing floodplain concern. Mr. Sefton also coordinated all of the entitlement processing, including the public report and project management. Project management for a development project includes scheduling, development agreements, construction negotiation, construction coordination and inspection, and financial securities and payments.