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Thunder Mountain Ranch II

Sedona, AZ

This project, a six-lot residential subdivision in beautiful Sedona, was designed for a difficult infill parcel. The development parcel is located at the intersection of two of the most prominent, existing roads in the City. The conceptual plan follows the original subdivision in the use of building envelopes over traditional building setbacks.
As engineer of record for this project, Mr. Sefton was responsible for the engineering design and planning for this subdivision including drainage coordination for the existing road tie-ins and intensive utility coordination. Given the sensitive nature of not only designing and developing a parcel adjacent to a high-end existing residential development, the drainage coordination with the City specifically designated the appropriate way to handle street and parcel drainage. This involved working closely with the city and with a variety of stakeholders with a vested interest in minimizing any results of development entitlement processing and permitting has required a light touch and a clear understanding of the local physical and political constraints.